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WSP wird seit 2001 entwickelt und eingesetzt. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Lösungen wir bei WSP eine echte physische Dateistruktur mit FTP-Rechtestruktur angelegt, sodass die Webseite auch unabhängig vom CMS bearbeitet oder bei Ausfall des CMS dargestellt werden kann.

WebSitePreview - Content Management since 2001

WebSitePreview has been developed and used by Common Visions since 2001. Worked the first variant - like many other (popular) systems, eg. Wordpress, Typo3 or Joomla in their default configurations - even with fully dynamic pages that were only generated when invoked from the database, WSP relies since the beginning of 2003 on the real writing of pages in the interaction between template files and database information in an ordered physical file structure.

No caching tricks, no extensions, no ModRewrite

Especially business-oriented sites have an advantage in terms of availability over dynamically generated database pages. In addition, the pages can also be distributed on servers - that have no database access for security reasons - via corresponding systems.