beta-Installer 7.0

Download the installer to your computer, unpack the file and play the files inside it in the folder on your web server where you want to install WSP. Afterwards, you can open your WSP directory on your website and start the installation process. Just follow the instructions of the installer.

The beta installer does not set an installation flag at the end of the installation process. This means that you can call up the installation file as often as you like. Also, the beta installer only offers the download of the last build.

Installer für WSP 7 beta

WSP as well as its modules, if they are downloaded via the WSP update page, are under the GPLv2. So you can freely download, copy and share WSP. Common Visions as well as third party developers do not guarantee the 100% correct functioning of our software. Please always backup the system before installing or updating modules to avoid data loss.